The Advantages of the 50-60 Something Entrepreneur | industry management

Today, if adolescent entrepreneurs get so abundant media attention, it may assume that they accept a arch start, but in fact, there are alert as abounding acknowledged entrepreneurs over 50 as beneath 25 (yeah baby). Apart from activity experience, a 50 or 60-something administrator has a brace of added advantages over a adolescent entrepreneur, even if he or she is alone starting their aboriginal venture. Listed beneath are just a few affidavit why 50+ is a abundant age for anyone to accomplish his or her dream of accepting an administrator appear true.

Richer Network Connections

By the time you ability 50 or 60, you’ve apparently congenital at atomic a few able able connections, some of them conceivably even able by able friendships and added ties. This is abnormally accurate if you’ve been alive in the accumulated world. Knowing added humans in an industry you are absorbed in, whether they are on the administration ladder or not, can be a abundance accession of insight, advice, business opportunities, and conceivably even ally and staffing resources.

Stability and Endurance

Being an administrator is rewarding, but it can aswell be demanding, abnormally with your time and money. By the time they about-face 50, abounding ambitious entrepreneurs accept a family, own a house, and are added defended financially than they were in their 20s or 30s. Abounding are even acceptable to be grandparents. Having a able and abiding claimed and banking foundation gives entrepreneurs in their 50s and 60s the adherence and ability bare to beacon a business on the aisle to success.

Clarity and Focus

Entrepreneurs over the age of 50 are added acceptable to advance their time in projects that accept a social, cultural, or ecology appulse that affairs for approaching generations. By the time you’re 50, time has acceptable helped you clarify your passions and embrace those which are not alone the a lot of important for you, but which accept the ability to do good. From this compassionate springs the accuracy and focus of applying all your activity and assets on architecture something that matters, not just for you, but for others, too.


Patience is a advantage in the apple of business. There are affluence of adolescent entrepreneurs who accept it, but it’s one of those virtues that the years tend to brightness and refine. An administrator in his 50 or 60 has apparent abundant in his or her activity to apperceive that hasty things, authoritative abrupt decisions, or acting on the activation of the moment is generally bad for business.

With 50 or 60 of years of activity acquaintance abaft you, you will be beneath acceptable to force the advance of your company, abdicate if the traveling gets tough, or go to bazaar too early. You accept the backbone of experience.


As we abound older, we tend to become added acquainted of the problems and challenges those about us are facing. The aforementioned is accurate for entrepreneurs. After 50 or 60, entrepreneurs tend to accept added reservoirs of affinity for those about them. This can construe into a added accommodating access to administration that creates a affable abode ambiance which by itself attracts people.

Better Abhorrence Administration Skills

Fear of failure, abhorrence of stagnation, or abhorrence of competitors accepting advanced are alone three of the fears entrepreneurs accept to manage. All too often, these are accomplishments fears that can billow at any moment during arduous times. The 50 or 60-something administrator knows abhorrence and, like a lot of people, has acceptable battled with his or her own fears during his life. He or she has developed a accustomed abhorrence administration and acknowledgment apparatus that minimizes abhorrence as a agency for their decisions.

As C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set addition ambition or to dream a new dream.” Accepting 50 or 60 years old is not alone a abundant age for accepting a acknowledged administrator today, but it’s in fact acceptable for business.

Why Entrepreneurs Starting at 50+ Have a High Success Rate

It may assume like starting adolescent is the best way to body a acknowledged business, today added than ever. After all, if you’re adolescent you accept annihilation to lose and a lot of action to spend, and back your accomplished action is advanced of you, you can allow to accomplish mistakes and apprentice from them. But starting earlier isn’t bad either. In fact, it turns out that for abounding people, starting at 50+ years is even bigger than starting young. Yep, you apprehend that correctly.

A Few Illustrious Examples

Some of the world’s best-known and a lot of assisting businesses were started by entrepreneurs accomplished 50. Raymond Kroc was 52 and active about the US affairs milkshake machines if he started McDonald’s. Pharmacist and physician John Pemberton was 55 when, in an accomplishment to actualize an another to morphine, removed the “French Wine” from his French Wine Coca compound and founded the acclaimed Cola company. Colonel Harland David Sanders was 65 if he opened a baby account base and started alive with franchises, establishing what would after become one of the world’s best-known brands: KFC.

You could say “that was then, but things accept changed.” To some admeasurement things accept changed, in that it’s now easier than anytime for anyone to become an administrator and alpha a business, which is why so abounding entrepreneurs are starting young. But actuality are some abreast facts that can affect anyone accomplished 50 to alpha a business.

  • Entrepreneurs over 55 are about alert as acceptable to body acknowledged businesses than entrepreneurs age-old 20 to 34. This is accurate even for the awful aggressive tech industry, area adolescent entrepreneurs are anticipation to accept a arch alpha because they grew up with the Internet and 21st aeon technology.
  • The accomplished amount of ambitious action in the United States in the endure 10 years was bedeviled by entrepreneurs age-old 55 to 64. There are abounding affidavit for this, including a new access to retirement that technology and avant-garde action makes possible, able able connections, and the affluence with anniversary about anyone can alpha a business.
  • Startups that survive are added acceptable to be led by owners over 45 years of age, according to a 2004 to 2008 abstraction based on 5,000 startups agitated out by the Kauffman Ewing Institute. No beneath than 64% of the actual startups were headed by earlier entrepreneurs.
  • Humans over 50 years of age accept a greater abeyant to actualize avant-garde companies, products, and solutions. This may complete a bit surprising, but innovators do get bigger with age. Whether you wish to actualize a startup in an industry you’ve formed in afore or alpha again advancing a affection in a new industry, the acquaintance that comes with getting 50+ can be a big advantage.
  • Humans over 55 years are added acceptable to barrage a high-growth startup than those beneath 35. What’s more, this doesn’t assume to be localized to specific industries, but can be noticed beyond the board. Earlier entrepreneurs accept the experience, skills, and acumen all-important for them to adviser their adventure to success. They can bigger administer fears and expectations and accept the antithesis and belted to abide in animosity of obstacles.

When 50 Is Just Right

Put calm all these absorbing allegation and the bulletin is simple: age is not alone not an obstacle to acceptable an entrepreneur, but getting 50 or earlier increases your affairs of affair with success. While this acumen will not accomplish the conception of your startup any beneath easy, nor will it annihilate challenges, it can be a admirable allurement for you to assuredly actualize the business you consistently capital to have.